‘Shaping the COVID Decade’, a landmark review for Sir Patrick Vallance

Addressing the social and economic devastation from the COVID-19 pandemic is the most serious challenge the UK has faced for generations. The pandemic has killed 125,000 UK citizens to date. For many times that number, it has caused myriad social, financial, psychological and health issues pointing to the much wider societal implications.

In response to this challenge, Sir Patrick Vallance and the Government Office for Science invited the British Academy to write a report on the longer-term impacts of the pandemic on society. Drawing on the unique insights and expertise of more 200 scholars and hundreds more research projects, the British Academy’s review seeks to address the question of what is to be done.


Working closely with the team at the Academy, we helped to launch two reports, the first of which, The COVID Decade: Understanding the Long-term Societal Impacts of COVID-19, contains extensive evidence on the many different ways that COVID has affected the nation and points to nine significant areas of impact. The second report, Shaping the COVID Decade: addressing the long-term societal impacts of COVID-19, outlines seven strategic policy goals that, if pursued together, will provide a strong foundation for effective UK policy in the years ahead.