Kasabian Fantasy Football now live

In recent weeks we have been working with Sony Music on an exciting new project for Kasabian. Today, we are excited to help launch Kasabian Fantasy Football - a new game that will help lovers of the beautiful game get through a summer without televised football.

To support the launch of the band's new number one selling album, For Crying Out Loud, Kasabian Fantasy Football enables users to compete with each other through 'teams' of Spotify tracks. Teams sync with the streaming service as playlists which are awarded points according to the weekly performance of individual tracks.

The game aims to promote engagement with fans over a 6 week period, including two transfer periods where players are invited to switch out poor performing tracks for songs they feel will perform well in the coming weeks. By registering a team, users are entered into a prize draw for backstage passes to see the band perform live later this year at Reading and Leeds Festival 2017.

Commissioned by Sony Music just under four weeks ago, the design of the new site celebrates the unique visual language present throughout the album's launch materials, originally developed by Aitor Throup in collaboration with visual designer Daft Apeth. The game embraces the same mix of default fonts and monochrome portraits, whilst adopting a unique colour palette designed to ensure recognition of this unique application.

Head over to Kasabian Fantasy Football to try out the new game.