Design for Europe brand launch

Design for Europe is a programme funded by the European Commission formally known as the European Design Innovation Platform. Led by the Design Council, the project brings together a team of 14 partners from across the EU to underline for value of design as a tool for innovation and growth.

Only worked closely with stakeholders through Europe to conduct research into perceptions of design as a tool for growth and to help develop a strategy for the new identity. Renaming the platform, we captured the essence of the programme powerfully and simply with an active and inclusive call to arms: Design for Europe. The new branding further incorporates a logotype, iconography suite, print collateral and campaign materials.

The Design for Europe team will be hosting a series of events designed to engage stakeholders from across the continent. It will further be supported by a digital platform designed to act as a hub for anyone interested in finding the latest tools and techniques for applying design, making connections with peers, and finding the latest design research. You can read more about the Design for Europe initiative on the Design Council’s website.

Update: this case study is now live. Thanks to Visual Journal, Fontsinuse, Branding Served and others for featuring this work.